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Duronic Apex Radio AM / FM – Solarenergie und USB-Ladegerät – Radiowecker / Taschenlampe / Ideal für Camping, Wandern, zu Hause oder im Garten / Aufladbare Kurbel

(4.5 / 5 bei 72 Stimmen)

Duronic Apex Rechargeable Radio and Torch The Apex radio by Duronic is one our customers favourite wind-up AM/FM radio which also doubles up as a handy torch. It's so easy to use and it provides you with great function with quality. You never need batteries for the Apex radio as you can charge the unit in 3 ways: Wind-Up (Sturdy cranking handle fixed at the back) Solar (High quality panel built in) USB Charge (Cable Provided) The Duronic Apex radio has so many uses, some examples are: Walking, Hiking, Camping, Holiday, Home, Garden and so much more. Product Specification: There is a 3.5mm jack so you can attach an earphone or headphone if you wish to listen to the radio in private. You can charge USB compatible products – charge cable required for specific device Digital display for convenient radio station viewing The Antenna length has been increased to 33mm so it helps you catch a better signal. We have a very good rechargeable battery built in to help you make the best out of the playback times. Get up to 540 minutes radio time and up to 360 minutes of lighting Product size is very small and compact: 156x76x56mm and it weighs very light; Excellent for portability. 2 Years Warrantee Why not check the other products in our wind up family: Duronic Hybrid Radio Duronic Ecohand Radio/Torch Duronic Explorer 8 in 1 Flashlight Duronic Hurricane Lantern/Torch